Saturday, July 30, 2011

What Works: iTouch 3g 8gig

iTouch 3g
Certain creature comforts never cease to amaze us with their utility, versatility, beauty and practicality. This will hopefully be a series of hubs on items, knick-knacks, foodies, gadgets and all other things that keep me and probably many others, happy on a day to day-basis. Today it is my pre-loved Apple iTouch, which I got really cheap and has been serving me perfectly this past year. The one I have is the 3rd generation and has the least amount of memory space, 8gig. I figured the space is just right for the number of songs I would like to listen to (for I never listen to music that I do not like of course). I also did not want to purchase a brand new unit because the cost is prohibitive considering my economic situation.

This particular gadget is a welcome surprise for someone who was just on the lookout for a portable music player. It has several useful functionalities that can keep anyone pretty preoccupied. Apart from music storage the iTouch is wifi ready so if you are in a wifi zone you may download cool apps to your heart’s content. Just be sure the wifi zone has a very good signal. The Apple App Store has volumes of pretty cool apps that are absolutely free. Social networking can be accomplished on the go with Facebook, Twitter, locator apps like Foursquared, navigation apps like GoogleMap plus thousands of free games for the gamer. Resolution is great for watching You Tube videos and storing pictures.

iTouch Menu

Of course the star of the gadget is the music storage and its endless capabilities and possibilities. I have around 750 songs all in all and I have of course divided them into playlists. The shuffle function keeps the music fresh and somehow ensures I get to listen to all my songs. The search function is really cool as it categorizes the music library into songs titles, artists, genres and of course playlists. My music library is a work in progress. I still have ample space for about another set of 750 songs or so I just can’t find the time to download more. As for downloading, I of course make use of free download sites life 4shared, mediafire and this cool website I learned from my friend Cris, Video2mp3 media converter ( The Apple iTouch is definitely a part of my survival kit and I panic when I don’t have it in my person.

Author: Monie Maunay

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