Monday, October 29, 2012

A Child's Love

Yearly we get teary eyed around this time of the year thinking of the great love we have for our moms. I am positive that the love I have for mine is only a fraction of her love for me. How can you top your mom's love, there is jut no way. So if you have tons of money you buy her a sports car like what Manny did for Mommy Dionisia right? If there is one thing I love about Manny (other than being a Filipino and winning all his matches...), its the love he has for his mom. Now that he is lying in a bed of riches, he laid his mom in the same bed of riches. He loves his mom well and he tells the world about it.

Now imagine how his mom feels, she brought Manny into the world for starters, she nurtured him and planted the seeds of dreams and aspirations, she supported him all the way, she can downright claim that she had a significant hand in what Manny has become. She is the only one who knows the champion when he was just a little boy, a teenager, a young man and now a world champion whose billboard for Nike is at a subway in the U.S. Ok so Manny is an over-achiever, it must be because he was well loved by his mom.

If I were as rich as Manny I will do the same thing and make sure that my mom will never need nor want for anything. She will never lift a finger in labor. Because I am pretty sure that the love he got was the same brand of love I had. 

My mom went to all my school affairs, even if parents weren't invited. She bought all my clothes until I can buy my own. She threw my birthday party every year till she could not do it anymore because of her illness. I lived with her to the ripe age of 31 and never once thought of living any other way.When she was still around I'd always kid her that even if she threw me out I won't leave because no one else is capable of loving me and taking care of me more than her

im crossing that bridge with lessons ive learned
playing with fire but not getting burned
i may not know what you're going through
but time is the space between me and you
life carries on, it goes on

Author: Monie Maunay



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