Sunday, October 28, 2012

Prelude to Drama Queens

oh how we do get involved in our own personal motion pictures. if we had our way we would all be writing our own "The world according to ..." -- and share all that we are to anyone who would care to watch, to listen, to read.i believe that a good reason why we always seek any and all forms of attachment is because we want to watch ourselves projected on those we are attached to.

Unless one has weak or defective mind, pretty much everything that happens to us has been allowed by us.when youve piled up the years you start to ask - would I have done it differently? - but then that is the crux of hindsight, there are just some things that cant be undone, no matter what. so lets thank our lucky stars for the things we are able to change. 

for days now my finger has been itching to write something down, anything. but inspiration eludes me. so my usual 90+ score in hubpages has dwindled down to 86 or 84 i forget. i have been struggling with a certain sort of restlessness that I just couldnt put my finger on. plus theres the problem of my computer keyboard that has stopped typing the letter double-u, the apostrophe and double quote, the left and down keys. and dont ask me to explain where i get my double-u!

ive been tinkering with the subject of drama queens or rather the drama queens in each of us. i wanted to try the idea out on my circle of friends first. the challenge is in depicting the drama queens in their full glory without giving their identities away. just considering it gives leaves me partially blind with headaches.i could write an entire novel on our walks on the wild side, our slight in-fightings, our cloak-and-dagger affairs, the sordid details, the glorious triumphs, the side-channels and back-channels of communication.but i couldnt because id give too much away.

so ill just talk about our collective source of fun and scorn. our favorite people! like for instance the new best dressed candidate who will give the original best dressed a run for her money, or maybe our duty free characters who seem to be growing in number (heaven help us) hahaha. or even our favorite sisterhood of evil mutants! (hahaha what a wicked name for a group!). i bet ive lost ellen on the best dressed bit! dont get me wrong, i dont hate them, for how can you hate the source of your fun and who do you poke your fun at if theyre not there right? 

so best dressed femme-femme (bdff) is now a rising star, she can give carmen and phee-n-bee a decent race as she shimmied and sashayed her wares to all of adams children. i bet shes a big hit owing to the very low priced-goods she is peddling. however, it is quite noticable that she only wants to cater to a very particular group of clientele. I wonder if she is aware though of the secrets of this group, who like the swine flu is spreading a virus called duty free (an affliction paris will never catch). i wont be surprised if bdff joins-up with the sisterhood. all the signs are there as they all appear to be trudging at the bottom steps of the very steep ladder of high-class society ill-equipped and even worse, ill-dressed. they probably missed the fact that you cannot climb the ladder without an invite and there is just no one there to extend them the courtesy.

so you see my dearies, their lives are all inter-twined in a rather cheap thread. so with my upturned nose im applauding in the sidelines, admiring the sheer talent and persistence these mere mortals have displayed. 

all these cryptic stories are making me sleepy. at the moment as i write this bitchy piece, i am feasting my sights on a photo i snagged online of someone i would very much like to stare at for hours on end, which of course I cannot do in the real world lest i look deranged (not a pretty sight that).

i am only mildly satisfied that i have led my friends on a merry chase, i anticipate the clarificatory queries in the morrow. - (in the morrow - how old english is that?). i am greatly satisfied though that i was able to piece together in the written word, an almost coherent train of thought. thank the lord for small mercies... love you all! tata!

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