Monday, October 29, 2012

Tuesday of My Being Sick

Can you believe this is actually an OPM song title? The group is all girls and they call themselves the Chain Gang and they actually have a following, about 2000 people viewed their live performance of the song in you tube (you can check it out if you like, its there i shit you not... hehehe). Anyways, the song is not really that great and I would not go too far as to review its merits (not that I ever could). The title just plain grabbed me the first time I heard it. I just love it. For me it says a thousand things, implies a thousand possibilities. 

Today the song popped into my brain again and only because I have been pretty sick early this week. I've been nursing my coughs since Friday last week and it came to a head last Monday when I completely lost my voice and started to run up a temperature. I was in no shape to work that night so I slept it off then visited the doctor the following day, a Tuesday. He told me to rest for one more day and gave me antibiotics to take along with the cough drugs. One more day to rest and do nothing but get better. The Tuesday of my being sick. After buying my meds I took them and settled myself on the couch to watch television. Although my head felt like a marshmallow got stuck in it, I attempted to actually watch TV, attempted and failed ending up asleep through the rest of the day and the rest of the night as well. Such a waste of time! I would flit in and out of my drug-induced stupor to catch bits and pieces of whatever was on TV. I came full awake at around 4am Wednesday and finally got to concentrate on the TV. 

I had a lot of fun channel surfing. I got to watch a bunch of reality shows in the History Channel including a documentary on the Manila hostage crisis to mark one year since the event which happened in Aug 23. It painted a pretty ugly picture of our government and our police force. I wonder who produced it (too groggy to check the credits). I also watched an episode of "Heavy" a more intense and one-on-one version of the Biggest Loser. Then there's "Relapse" where addicts who cannot recover are helped by sober coaches for a week prior to enrolling to rehab yet again. Both Heavy and Relapse are on the Biography Channel. I also saw "The Craft" in the new channel called "Thrill," plus a lot of celebrity shows on the E! channel.

All in all I felt miserable but at least I got entertained at some point before I got back to the real world to work with real people

Author: Monie Maunay


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