Sunday, October 28, 2012

Preferred Poison

Brain constipation is my affliction at the moment i suppose. im sure i got it from talking too much about filipino entertainment gossip. i swear i've developed case of intermittent headache attacks from not producing anything substantial in my brain a total lack of cerebral activity or mental gymnastics. So i sought to shake the disease that threatens to render me virtually brain dead. It started last week when I purchased a DVD box set of the West Wing -- all seven seasons. In the same time, I also bought three books, two romance novels and a Second World War novel by Daniel Silva. The romance novels would act more as the drug delivery device, or a soft lining to cushion the seven seasons of the West Wing and Daniel Silva. So I fed all of these to my brain last week and I really don't know if I feel any better. Well im thoroughly satisfied with the West Wing, because its quite similar to documentaries, which I love. Its all talk and the subtitles are all correct. I am at season 5, where the MS of the US President (played by Martin Sheen) has become more pronounced and is hindering his work. Jimmy Smits also made his appearance in this season, as a straight shooting Democratic congressman who dreams of becoming the next president. I don't know what it is about fictionalized US politics that really catches my interest, it just does. 

Daniel Silva's novel was well written with a bit of a barren ending. Its about secrecy and espionage at the thick of the allied and axis deadlock. The lives of an MI5 special agent, a Nazi spy and a handful of their handlers was depicted in the backdrop of Operation Overlord, the big war plan premised on deception and lies, that misled the Germans to guarding a different part of their territory when the Allied forces landed in Normandy and signaling the beginning of the end for Adolf Hitler and his Nazi rule. 

I'm still medicating with the last three seasons of the West Wing but I finished all my books. So a few days ago I finally succumed to "Twilight". Well i finally bought the novel to heed all of my friend Cris' yaking of how good it is and how its the next Harry Potter, plus the motion picture will come out in November and I wanna be able to see if the movie was faithful to the written word. I've read it, liked it and I might just go for the three more sequels. Vampires are my monsters of choice, very old world, crisp and formal, mild-mannered, educated... I read all of the vampire books of Anne Rice, all designed to make you seek your own Marcus or Lestat or Armand and be reborn into their world...

Author: Monie Maunay

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