Sunday, October 28, 2012

the utter drama and the exquisite pain

got a message from someone today warning me off posting anything on their wall here in fb because the partner gained access and is monitoring the page (not that i wrote anything there in the first place)...but what a laugh. to be under someone's thumb that way. i guess some are built to be victims and i cant help thinking they enjoy playing the role to the hilt. its not even melodramatic. for me its downright mental. but hey, whatever floats your boat is what i always say. the most dramatic I've ever gotten is giving grunts for answers when someone i don't like is talking to me. 

now back to our little spot under the sun, i have to say i love my little sweet corner in the new work space, i have the huge glass windows behind me and the ac unit over my head. i have a pretty good view of the whole room and enough distance to ignore everybody else. i have accomplished much in the 5 days ive been sitting there than in months and months of being in the thick of everyone else, it doesnt get more zen than this and it has stopped feeling like im fighting in a full contact sport anymore.

cant say the same for our androgynous trainer though, i'd say she's smack dab in the 9th circle of hell with all the work coming her way, but thats alright cuz she's getting a whole lot of loving from a country boy who wants to get it on with her haha.

we've been having a string of health problems in this little spot of late, there's a bleeding cervix, blood in the stool, lump in the breast, monster migraines, its not looking so good by a damn sight. and there are freak accidents like the one our pretty pregnant princess had, she tripped in a vehicle and fell then in another incident she passed out in a convenience store.

nature also weighed in with two nasty typhoons and some earthquakes in other parts of the earth thats enough for another round of doomsday conspiracies, from global warming to the mayan calendar that ends in dec 12, 2010. in a sense i guess we all got a little victim factor within us, we love selling the drama and reveling in the exquisite pain. i am quite comfortable in the notion that the good lord knew even before we were born, when he's going to take us back home...

Author: Monie Maunay

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