Sunday, October 28, 2012

notes from a non-fan

Watching the fifa world cup finals, I'm reminded of why I don't follow it, you wait four years to watch a yawner. I was actually rooting for the dutch just because I dream of living in their country. So I sat through the entire match (because there's nothing else on tv). After two hours of running around, the only thing I got to enjoy were the dramatic moments when players challenged the yellow cards they were given. I also enjoyed the commercial spots. 

The goal that everyone came to see happened in regulation time. The commentators' rap was totally uninspired. The winners' interviews were in spanish and don't get me started on the actual cup, the trophy that was so little, the little phallic trophy that every man on the team wants to get their hands on hahaha. I had the good grace to shout "ayun" when spain finally scored the goal and loved seeing queen Sofia's box rejoice. I guess I only watched to see how big a deal it really is because it seemed to matter a lot to a whole lot of people. I'm not totally lost to the charm, spain's jubilation was infectious, there were just so many happy faces and that's always a good thing.

Author: Monie Maunay

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