Monday, October 29, 2012


Being a sister or having one becomes an important role or disposition in one’s life. Do you notice how people love to call their close friends “sister”. It might have started as part of gay parlance, a way for our gay friends to assert their womanhood. But even girls tend to call their close girl friends their sisters. We use sisters for people who aren’t our sisters more than men use brother for their male friends.

This suggests that being a sister or having one is really a biggie. You share your blood and dna with a real sister but the bond goes much deeper than biology. A sister is an ally by default, a team member playing on your side forever. Sure there are many doomed sisterhoods but only a fool would hold a grudge against her sister for a long time. A sister is a lifeline, your extension and so you cut your life short if you break bonds with your sister.

While you may look alike you will realize soon enough that the likeness is not just skin deep. You understand that you have specific traits that you share with them, same belief system, same philosophies. And if these aren’t the same then you find yourself being more tolerant of your sister than of your friend. My dad always say that you cannot put sibling against each other in sports because they will always have the tendency to give way to the other, even without meaning to. It is this giving feeling that is foremost in a sisterhood. It is almost instinctive, like you did not need to actually say anything but they would always know. Now that is just one sister I’m talking about, imagine the force-field of loving and giving emotions when you have six.

Author: Monie Maunay

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