Monday, October 29, 2012

that's just me

I am of the opinion that if you lived to be a certain age when you've got a good education under your belt and you are earning your keep then nobody has the right to judge you. To judge the calls you make, the company you keep, and everything else about you from your taste in clothes to the lovers you take. Of course others will always have their opinions but then you got to consider which opinions really count because mostly, opinions don't mean shit.

I'd say you've earned the right to live your life where your accountability is only to your creator (that is if you believe in him). I'd go as far as saying that while you may seek others' for advice or opinion, in the end you are free to do with it as you please.

On the other hand if you have reached the state that I described at the start then you should bear the brunt and all the consequences of your actions. You and you alone are the owner of the results of what you choose and what you allow to happen to you. These notions of choosing and allowing are at the same time heady and scary. Some embrace it with gusto and push it to the limit, blurring lines and boundaries and staking claim on everything.

Others shy away from this kind of freedom though. They are happier when they can be able to say that they have been tricked, cajoled or coerced to do something. They will readily blame all their bad fortune on everything else but themselves. It is the alcohol, its peer pressure, it’s my parents or my partner or the weather or the blasted traffic, but oh no it was not me, it’s never me. Who are they kidding? Unless there is a gun pointed at your head, then everything you do is your own doing. You are responsible for the lives you affect and for your own circumstances. You can cry to the heavens that you did not mean for something to happen but if it does happen then it will be on no one else's head but yours.

But that’s just me…

Author: Monie Maunay

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