Sunday, October 28, 2012

What It Does to You or Barking Dogs

I've been checking out other people's status messages on various social networking sites. Its something I do when there is absolutely nothing else worth seeing and Im not ready to go offline just yet. Since when has social networking been a haven for anti-social sentiments? There is way too much hatred and anger out there and people are wielding words like swords cutting others off. I am not complaining, I rather find it stimulating reading anger and hatred. But it does nothing else for me. Even if the message was directed at me, ummm yeah it does nothing for me.

Hell if I felt half as bad as those emotions I've read I'd simply do the deed of deleting the subject from my social pages hehe but that's just me and I understand anger all too well. So well that I have taught myself to turn the other cheek, it's the Christian thing to do. I have heard somewhere that the best way to crush an enemy is to befriend them. I lean towards that idea and sometimes when I succeed I feel a sense of triumph because I can keep on hating the enemy in private but they will have stopped seeing me as the enemy.

I wonder how someone feels after they have vented out online. I’d imagine I would feel empty. Maybe there is some satisfaction when others react to the status message and try to make the author feel better. A bigger satisfaction is when the subject of the hate status message would read it and react in kind. Now we’re getting somewhere, an all out conflagration of angry words back and forth. I’ve seen some of these and its thoroughly entertaining I must say. It’s funny-funny to see people let lose like that. I can almost hear readers say “I never knew she had it in her…” hahahahaha

Author: Monie Maunay

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